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VOCZero's vapour recovery units are the latest generation which offer the lowest power consumption available in the market. Not only are there significant savings in operation, but great savings on installation costs, such as power supply and cable installation are achieved. The DTL™ Series vapour recovery units are based on high efficiency vacuum regenerated activated carbon.


VOCZero has joined its forces with EUROFILM, who has installed more than 500 VOC separation units, based on membrane technology. The combination of VOCZero’s cutting edge activating carbon technology and EUROFILM’s leading membrane separation position, results in an outstanding performance of VOC recovery, especially in the petrochemical industry, where extremely high emission requirements are prevalent.

VOCZero offers a range of Vapour Recovery Systems (VRU) for recovery of relatively low concentrations of volatile organic compounds from vapours. These systems are in particular well suited for areas, where extreme low VOC emission in the ppb-ppm level is required, like in many petrochemical facilities.


The process is based on adsorption of VOC's on activated carbon followed by steam regeneration of the carbon. This technology is valued to be among the best available, for applications like storages and loading operations.


Hydrocarbons, H2S or Mercaptanes odour loaded gas can be cleaned efficiently by activated carbon. The odorous components are adsorbed onto the surface of the VZ ActiveVOC™ filter material, and the purified gas leaves the reactor from the top. Engineered solutions as well as VOCZero's standard Odour Tank Filter OTF™

are available

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