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Membrane Vapour Recovery Units


VOCZero and EUROFILM are Your Partners in Vapour Recovery Units and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Vapour Treatment

Clean Air Quality
Energy Recovery
Improved Safety
Brings a Comfortably
Healthy Feeling

EUROFILM has since its establishment in 2000, become a leading supplier of membrane based VOC separation solutions within the oil and petrochemical industry.


The EUROFILM patented manufacturing technology of flat-sheet thin-film composite membranes can be arranged in spiral-wound or plate-and–frame modules for VOC recovery.


VOCZero has joined its forces with EUROFILM, who has installed more than 500 VOC separation units, based on membrane technology. The combination of VOCZero’s cutting edge activating carbon technology and EUROFILM’s leading membrane separation position, results in an outstanding performance of VOC recovery, especially in the petrochemical industry, where extremely high emission requirements are prevalent.


The fundamentals of membrane permeation

The separation of VOCs through a membrane, is determined
on the gas permeation ratio. This depends on the individual
gas component’s solubility and diffusivity rates in the
membrane. The driving force of the VOC separation is the
difference between partial pressures of each individual VOC
component on both sides of the membrane.
The gas component with a high permeate ratio, diffuses
rapidly through the membrane and becomes a VOC-enriched
“permeate” stream, while gas components with a low permeate
ratio, are rejected passage through the membrane,
and flows on the surface of the membrane, leaving this in the
residue flow.


Spare membrane modules

If your existing membrane modules have lost their efficiency, are damaged, or in other ways degraded, we can supply you new replacement
modules. If you send us an inquiry, we shall give you a very favourable offer, and we are able to supply new modules with a very short delivery

Membrane Vapour Recovery Units

Areas where membrane separation shows outstanding performance

Separation of

Natural gas

vapour treatment

VOC emission

Refinery processes

CH4/CO2; CH4/N2;
CH4/H2S; CH4/C3+

VOCs/N2; C2H4/N2;
C3H6/N2; C2H4/Ar

VOCs/Inert gases

H2/CO; H2/CH4;

Fuel gas conditioning; Dewpoint control; CO2, N2 and H2S removal; N2 generation

Propylene, Ethylene, VCM and heavier VOCs recovery; propylene/propane separation; N2 purification

Gasoline, Oxygenated oil products incl. Ketones and Aldehydes vapour recovery from loading/unloading and storage operations

H2 recovery and purification

Petrol station VRUs

EUROFILM has delivered more than 200 VRUs to petrol stations, recovering the excess gasoline vapour from balancing and breathing the petrol stations gasoline storage tanks.

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